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Correction by dttey

But before submitting your art our galleries for a correction, make sure you've read the rules!

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Recent Journal Entries


Another month, another art challenge!

I'm bringing back one of our more popular challenge types - a mix and match. This February, you are challenged to draw a character inspired by a random assignment of photos.

Here's how this will work:

  1. Leave a comment on this journal saying you're in. (If you know folks who might love to be in on the challenge, tag them in!)
  2. I will reply by giving you three photos to inspire you.
  3. You will sketch six different characters or character scenes inspired by the three photos. Each of these six should be quick and take no more than 5 minutes each. (Feel free to do more than six, if you'd like.)
  4. You will pick the one idea you like the best and draw the character design. 
  5. Post a link to both the concept sketches and the final design in a comment on this journal.
Let's say you're given the following awesome photos as inspiration....

.L o s t. In This Lovely Place by GrotesqueDarling13  Hexen-Express by Noirerora Chick Tunes by Innocentium

If this were your assignment, you could use these photos as literal inspiration (a rainbow chick riding a train listening to music), or loosely (a steampunk dragon with rainbow colored curls and super fluffy feathers, a rapper in a dance club, a disco snowman on a coalpile with a yellow feathery boa...), or however your imagination wants. Here are some questions that might be useful when thinking about your character's name:
  1. What do the photos make you think of? What are some of the colors, shapes, and themes?
  2. What world, genre, or environment might these photos work for?
  3. Would the photo inspiration be about the character's appearance, setting, clothing, attitude, personality, situation, race, motivation?
  4. How old might the character be? What gender? What species? What body shape? Could it be a child? An elder? Is it even alive?
The goal for the challenge is to push your creative boundaries, so think outside the box.

  1. You must base the character designs on the photos you're given.
  2. The photo inspiration should be clearly visible in the picture, but don't redraw the photo, use a color picker tool, or copy the poses directly. Inspiration, not imitation.
  3. You can do this challenge many times, but I will only give you one set of photos at a time.
  4. The picture for the challenge can be any style, medium, or form. The final version can be a sketch or fully finished piece.
  5. Make sure to link to both this challenge and the photos you were inspired by in the description section of your art piece. Don't forget to talk about how the photos inspired the art!

A note to photographers: dA is full of gorgeous photos, and you're probably here because you got a notification letting you know one of yours was picked to be an inspiration for an artist participating in this challenge. All photos will be credited in the final piece they inspire. But if you would rather your piece not be used as inspiration, just let us know with a comment or note. 


  Dolomites by polomski  dandelion by ajkabajka  Bearded Vulture Portrait by Berlin-Steglitz Arrow right Combo Challenge Sketches by Hawkheart11    Who the hell woke the giant??? Wtf, Jimmy, wtf by Hawkheart11
Der Maeusebussard by feigenfrucht  The red violin by bittersweetvenom Leaning Hard by Lawdog-Studios Arrow right  Design sketches 1 by DancesWithDreams Guardian by DancesWithDreams
sea spices by m-lucia Puffin by DominikaAniola  Tribal by SimonVelazquezArtArrow right Combo Challenge Sketches by dragonfire53511  Atomic Spectral Puffin by dragonfire53511
Blue Winter by VBmonkey26  Carach Angren #15 by FemtoGraphy  Summer Spirit by borda Arrow right  Mix and Match - Original Sketches by Midnight94 

Mature Content

Heavy Soulfall by Midnight94

COLORFUL FACE by ELKAPL  Hummingbird of Oakland by Canislupuscorax  Into Infinity by mythirllArrow right  Feb Challenge by robovelociraptor  brighter than any star by robovelociraptor

Colorful katydid nymph by ColinHuttonPhoto  Soaking up the Sun by deepgrounduk pigeons of the Yasin by fotoizzetArrow right  Concept Sketches | February Combo Challenge by tinystargazer The Catcher | February Combo Challenge by tinystargazer
Jayner Senior US Championships 2012 by 1pen  Mantis by hey-its-laura  Napping in the Sunshine by 1 Arrow rightFebruary Combo Challenge - Sketch by Fenalith  February Combo Challenge by Fenalith

Best Model Ever by Zoomer1958  Nature's Architecture by smfoley Tyto alba by SkiaArrow right6 Character Design Sketches by WolfChiefsDaughters Felicia Character Design by WolfChiefsDaughters
  Waiting for The Storm by borda  Dreamer by NikaTuwaPhotography  Holding Light in My Hand by WillTC Arrow right Phaethon sketch by Enkidu-hybrid  End of the Longest Winter by Enkidu-hybrid

Are you in?

More Journal Entries

Hello and Welcome!

Correction by ravendark82

Join us, upload your art, and submit your feedback and corrections to our galleries! But first, please read our Rules

Correction by Nephtis

Correction by C-h-arlie

Correction by Nephtis

Correction by Japandragon


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It'll be fun getting involved with this group! Nice to meet you all!
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