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Hello and Welcome!

Correction by ravendark82

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Correction by Nephtis

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Hello everyone! I will be updating the journal every week with artist interviews! :) This month I am featuring Concept Artists (and maybe the next month too~). I will put these journals in a folder in Improvement-Club so you can always find them and won't simply 'get forgotten about' as I post journals. This week I am featuring :icontyleredlinart:TylerEdlinArt and :iconninjatic:Ninjatic!

For those who don't know much about Concept Art. Concept Art are visual representations of ideas or designs, mainly associated with games, films or even comics. But it isn't limited to them, they can simply be representations of a world or character created from the artist themselves. Concept Art  can range of vast galactic worlds to character designs to schematics for a machine, it shows us an infinite worlds to explore and the beauty of what the mind can create.

I hope you all enjoy and benefit these interviews! =P

Interview with :icontyleredlinart:TylerEdlinArt

Galbourne Ridge Concept by TylerEdlinArt

A bit about your background. You do Concept Art and Illustration. Which one did you start out with? And is there any particular favourite one? How long have you been an artist, how long have you been studying?
I started with both at the same time. My first gigs were doing designs and illustrating hidden object games for a small company called hitpoint studios. I have always blended my concepts and illustrations, though traditionally they are different academically I just paint most of my concepts in an illustrative manner. I have been an artist since 2005.

How do you become a concept artist? What do you think is the best way to become a concept artist?

I became one in 2010. The best way is to be versatile and have a strong theme or subject matter that stands out in your portfolio. Its always good to enter contests and post your work online as often as you can getting feedback from the community and improve.

Kodran Migrant Fleet by TylerEdlinArt

I noticed you have speed paintings and sketches in your gallery. What is the benefit/importance of speed painting in concept art? You also have colour studies in your galley. What do you gain from doing those?
Not sure about the speed paintings I generally dislike them, if you saw any labeled as such it was from years ago. I just do not see any benefit in rushing to complete a piece of work. Like any craft it will look rushed. Id rather spend more time and complete something meaningful which I could give deep thought on. Color studies and studies in general help a lot if you properly analyze a master works. Just having a painting presented in front of you that’s done right can help one understand what they do wrong.

Where does you inspiration come from in your concept art? I notice you do fan art, do you do that for fun or do you gain inspiration from fan art?

Fan art is very much just for fun. My inspiration comes from the games a play mostly. Its very nostalgic for me to think back to the RPGs of the 90;s like chrono trigger, Lunar, and xenogears.

Is Photoshop the main software you use then drawing Concept Art? And what would you recommend for learning artists?
Yeah photoshop is all I use. Id recommend that over any other software for 2d art. Of course recommend anyone to learn 3d as well.

Windom Academy by TylerEdlinArt

I noticed with a lot of your concept work involves projects or includes a small story or in your artist comments include quite in depth information about the work. For example with you piece 'market concept', you included information on the place, it's location, it's people. How doe's having this 'world' or story influence concept art? Is it important to have a back story?
A world or story is very important to me especially within the context of my own work. When a piece of work is part of a larger narrative its easier to enrich that art with characters and locations that work together. Also helps to add depth and believability I feel.

A question about character design. What is the most important points about making or designing characters?
Well I think the characters role or function should come first. That should be clearly evident at a first glance, like this is character A an archer this is B a space marine. Making that character look the role is as important as having them standout and look interesting within the context of the game and as a piece of imagery too.

Frog by TylerEdlinArt

What process do you do through when starting a concept art piece? Where do you start?
I start with thumbnail usually 3-5 values small in size and do 4-8. So after getting some ideas down I get reference and begin my final picture.

Is there any advice you could give to learning artists? Not only with learning concept artists, you can include those studying for Illustration. Is there any learning materials, artists, books or references you would recommend?
I would say just find what you like painting and paint it well. You know sometimes you just have to paint what's fun. Plan images out do not use photos and paint as much by hand as possible.

Desert Sketch2 Copy by TylerEdlinArt

You can find TylerEdlinArt at:

Interview with :iconninjatic:Ninjatic

Winter Station by Ninjatic

A bit about your background. I noticed you do Concept Art, Illustration and Animation. Which one did you start out with? And is there any particular favourite one? What do you like to draw the most?

- I've graduated with a degree in Animation but i didn't continue it further after the course, instead i've decided to focused on my illustration design, thus, becoming a concept artist now. I usually draw fantasy since i'm more comfortable with it, but now i'm trying to explore sci-fi just to balance everything, i didn't want to stick with fantasy all the time haha

I noticed you have speed paintings in your gallery. Why draw speed paints? How doe's that help you?

- Speedpaints are just my daily practices, a warm up if you'd like. The more i do it the more i can come up with random ideas just under an hour usually, sometimes just in 10mins. It doesn't have to be pretty or great, it just train my brain, thinking process and creativity every day.

Crossing by Ninjatic

Where doe's you inspiration come from in your concept art? I read your a musician, doe's music have any influence?

- Back when i was studying in high school (secondary school) i didn't take art seriously, so music was my side-hobby that time and still is now. And yes, music is still part of my inspiration nowadays. My inspiration when it comes to art is unpredictable, it varies, it could be from listening to music, from watching movies, seeing photos, or going to some new places etc. So it depends where i'm at and what i do.

Is Photoshop the main software you use then drawing Concept Art? Is there any other software you have used? Is there any cheap/free software you would recommend for drawing concept art?

- Yes, Photoshop is my main tool and my first ever program i have learnt to use in digital art. I've used Painter, Sai, and other programs. But i'm more comfortable with Photoshop. Nowadays, aside from Photoshop i also use Sketchup, and Mudbox if i want to practice 3D. But i'm more into Photoshop.

And as for the other cheap programs, i'm not sure if there's any cheap ones, but i'd recommend you getting the hang of Photoshop, since Photoshop is one of the main program use by concept artist nowadays.

Lost by Ninjatic

What tools do you use in Photoshop? And why? (Can include tools other than the brush tool, unless that's the only tool you use?)

- Yup, i only use brushes mainly, textured and custom ones. Apart from brushes, i use a lot of settings in Photoshop, such as lasso, eyedropper, smudge tool and colour correction etc. I try to be experimental here and there, so my tool varies depending on what i paint.

I noticed you have some fan art in your gallery? Doe's fan art play a role in concept art? Why draw fan art?

- Actually that's when i was still studying that time. The time when i was addicted to animes etc. And the time when i didn't take art seriously so i just drew fanart a lot (hardly any original works) cos i was inspired by the shows. Later that year, i've stopped drawing fanarts when i was finishing my University course, and that's when i decided to take things seriously after that. And now i hardly draw any fanarts.

Doe's knowing animation or illustration effect your concept artwork?

- In a way. Animation requires designing things, such as characters, background/layout, story and storyboarding etc. So that helped me enhance my understanding in art. But the only difference is that you have to animate what you designed. Animation takes a lot of time to finish 2D or 3D, it takes months. Whereas doing concepts and illustration, you only have to draw them and it can take a day or two. So it's a lot less time consuming if you had to actually animate it.

Coming Home by Ninjatic

For people wanting to become freelancers. Any advice you could give?

- Build up your portfolio, and draw a lot! The more you draw the more you improve, and the more you improve the better you are at designing things quickly. If you achieve that, you will eventually get some clients.

Working with a client(s): Make sure you have a GOOD positive attitude, DROP your ego. If they're picky and demanding and they give you a lot of stuff to do or fix some bits here and there, accept it, do what they tell you to do, don'e whine! Communicate with them, until they're satisfied with the work you've done. You will get the type of client(s).

- Working with deadline, make sure you timeline is set. It is better to finish the work really early than late. You don't want to worry your client or worse they get mad if you didn't get to finish it in time, that's a bad reputation for you right there. Make sure you're organised!

- Lastly, make sure you accept the work you think you can handle! There will be times you get 2-3 clients or even more. Yes, the more client the more money. But you don't want to be someone who take clients money but no work has been delivered for them. You don't want to get in that situation.

Is there any advice you could give to learning artists? Not only with learning concept artists, you can include those studying for Fine Art or Illustration. Is there any learning materials, artists, books or references you would recommend?

- I've said this countless times, it's all about practice, draw a lot, draw every day! Learn your fundamentals. Practice, practice, practice. Yes going to art schools help, but you don't have to! I know some people who didn't go to art school whatsoever, and they're working in games and films now. Some didn't even have degree yet they're working in a big company. It's all about skills in art, company hire you for your skills, and creativity. Hardly anyone in the company nowadays will ask you for your degree or what art school did you go to. They will often look for your experience, and most importantly your skill. If you're good, they will hire you.

Arrival by Ninjatic

You can find Ninjatic at:
Facebook: https/…

Thank you for all the artist that were willing to do the interviews!  :iconiluplz:

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