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Hello and Welcome!

Correction by ravendark82

Join us, upload your art, and submit your feedback and corrections to our galleries! But first, please read our Rules

Correction by Nephtis

Correction by C-h-arlie

Correction by Nephtis

Correction by Japandragon

Hello everyone! Today I am featuring :iconrosuuri:rosuuri and :iconk-koji:K-Koji!

Interview with :iconrosuuri:rosuuri

Ripple and Trails by rosuuri

Have you ever studied Art at school or University? Are you self taught?

I’m currently a senior Multimedia arts student in an arts and design school. My college is mostly focused on other mediums aside from illustration and they are biased against anime/manga styles like most colleges. I can say I’m self-taught in terms of my illustration skills.

How do you become a manga artist? What appealed to you the most about being an artist?

Since elementary, I liked writing stories but I was never a good writer. My English is average, my vocabulary is limited and I’m not fluent with my native language too. Drawing was the only medium I could use to tell these stories. Manga has a creatively dynamic way of using panels and effects such as their use of screentones. I find this style unique and appealing.

What is your inspirations for your art work?

I have so many artist inspirations such as Rella, Anmi, Kkuem, Namie, Loika, Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt and more. Aside from artists I admire, outer space and forests inspire me a lot!

Summer Tea Time by rosuuri

What is the process you go through when starting a piece of work till it's final state?

I draw tons of thumbnails on paper then pick one I like best. Afterwards, I sketch and finish everything digitally. I have progress shots that show my work flow: Progress Shots of Daisy by rosuuri Progress Shot of Commission-Lovette by rosuuri

What is the main software you use and why? And what would you recommend for learning artists?

I use Sai and Photoshop CS6
Sai has one of the best brushes and a really light program that opens in seconds. Paint Tool Sai is what I recommend to artists because I’ve been using it for 3 to 4 years and it’s just wonderful. However, it’s a limited program (limited memory, brush size, tools) considering there are no adjustment layers and text engine in the said program. Photoshop fills in the gap for me. Before I tried drawing digitally, I was obsessed in making graphic designs, banners and UI interfaces since I was first year high school. The software I used every day was Photoshop. I am comfortable with the program and now I just use it for adjustments in my illustrations. Photoshop is difficult to comprehend at first but that’s every new program for you. Q v Q );

Prison by rosuuri

What is your project 'Alice's Cross'? What are your plans for the manga?

Alice’s Cross is my webcomic project that I’ve started back in 2011 which you can read for free in Inkblazers or Smackjeeves.

I drew it for my original character Pinku and March. It’s a tragedy, adventure and fantasy manga inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. I have already written the story from start till the end and would really do anything to have enough time to finish the comic; however, because of time constraints due to work and school, the updates are really slow.
My current plans for the manga is to redraw the first 30 pages of chapter 1 exclusive for the print version which I’ll be selling next year and at the same time draw the rest of the chapters. Hopefully, after my graduation next year (2015), I’ll have time to focus and pump out manga pages for it!
If you have time, do read, fav or any form of support you can for my project Alice’s Cross and my one-shot Spider and Rain!

Commission - Lovette by rosuuri

In quite a lot of your work, I noticed lighting plays a big part. Your 'Summer Tea Time', 'AWC - Robin' and 'Love Letter' for example, lighting is very bright, like the sun is shining on the characters. Was there any particular reason for this?

“Anything with good lighting is pretty”
That’s what I learned in my photography class. I applied it in my art and it seems to give my art more depth and appeal. It’s fun to play with lights, and the more I got used to it, the more it’s difficult to stop!

Is there any advice you could give to learning artists? Is there any learning materials, artists, books or references you would recommend?

This is something I don’t do anymore due to time constraints but it helps A LOT! Be observant with your surroundings, take inspiration from your environment, observe techniques your favorite artists do then apply all these in your art. DO NOT stress about finding a style. Focus on improving your skills.
As for resources, YouTube and Tumblr are the sites I used often. There are Tumblr blogs dedicated for art references and tutorial videos on YouTube by really amazing artists. If you are comfortable with Japanese, do browse Pixiv as they have the best resources for anime/manga styled illustrations.

Commission - Paper Hearts by rosuuri

You can find :iconrosuuri::devrosuuri at:
My art shop (prints and books):
Twitter -
Facebook Page -

Interview with :iconk-koji:K-Koji


Have you ever studied Art at school or University? Are you self taught?

I studied classical animation in school. But I'm not really using a lot of what I learned lol. Animation school is intensive and they really want you to draw cartoony style ( the one I went to did anyways). They weren't very versatile for individual style. And there was no painting class. So about 3.5 years ago I decided to teach myself how to paint and use digital art programs. In that way, I think I'm mainly self taught.

 How do you become a manga artist? What appealed to you the most about being an artist?

I can't answer this one because I'm not a manga artist, or at least, I don't draw for comics at the moment. ! ( I lived in Japan for a long time and to me it means I draw comic books which I'm afraid I don't). But I understand much of my subject matter is anime/manga related Meow :3

Opera Star by K-Koji

 What is your inspirations for your art work?

I'm not too sure. But I grew up loving videogames. Living in Asia, and growing up in part there, you have access to lots of interesting games that they don't seem to import to the west. The artwork for the promotional posters or books was always really cool. I also get inspired by certain shows or books, and fanfiction.

 What is the process you go through when starting a piece of work till it's final state?

I'm not sure I work like many other artists. I find it really difficult to start on a picture sometimes lol. I sit in front of my computer with my tablet and go " Ok. We are gonna create today! Something epic! YES. Let's do it!".. :iconspartaplz:
... and then 2 hours later I'm :iconheaddeskplz:

Then I have a little demanding shih tzu puppy who I have to give a belly rub every 30 minutes. Or throw his monkey...
But eventually I get a concept I want, and I rough out the pose, and background and light source. I spend a really long time plotting and the rough looks like this canvas of blobs. I swear, no one would know what is going on but me. Then I start clearing up stuff.
Then I refine it all and add details. I usually try to do the backgrounds first.

Asian Fusion by K-Koji

 How did your style develop? Your two artworks 'Hotel Reno?' and 'Opera Star' for example are very different.

Well, Hotel Reno was one of my FIRST digital paintings ever ( I had dabbled a bit years earlier but never really set my mind to it) XD. I find it hard to look at it sometimes, but I realize other people still like it even if it makes me cringe.
When I painted that, I picked a subject I liked ( Reno :icon0inuheheheplz:) , and decided " This will have a background". :iconhandsomeonionplz:
It bothers me sometimes when there's nothing but character after character with no background. I realize it's a popular thing, and that lots of artists are famous for doing that, but I think a background really adds something to a piece in most cases. Even if it's a minimal one.
And the funny part, when I painted Hotel Reno, I had no idea what I was doing. None. Zip. I barely new how layers worked in Photoshop. So that painting had a grand total of 5 layers. I approached it like a traditional painting.
Fast forward a year and a half later, and I painted Opera Star. I had learned so much during those years about painting and the software. I had a brand new tablet that wasn't a piece of junk ( a moderately priced wacom tablet, intuous 4). I was finally starting to figure out my own style as a painter. I also wanted to branch more and more into semi-realism.
Though there are a few things I'd fix on it, I still like Opera Star actually. It represents a huge style jump and things coming together after a lot of hard work and self study. And it had well over 100 layers.

What is the main software you use? And what would you recommend for learning artists?

I mainly use Photoshop CS6 now. But I was using Photoshop CS3 up until mid 2013. I think you can even get that version for free now, and it's a great program. I find I don't do too much in the latest version that I didn't do in the old version.
I also use Corel Painter 12 sometimes, though honestly, I wouldn't recommend that one for any beginners. It's really confusing and quite buggy. I only use it when I need specific brushes.

What are the most important points to think when drawing or painting art? What would you say the fundamentals?

I'm a huge fan of the basics. I study them all the time.
So practicing and always working on things like:
- proportions
-perspective ( in backgrounds too!)
I see it a lot on Deviantart where someone enjoys painting, and they are always doing these really pretty faces. We all like doing faces, and they are usually a focal point of a character drawing anyways. However, I often see around that beautiful face with the glitter, and shine, and lips that have 5 layers of lip gloss, and magical hair... a pretty wonky body.
It's as if they spent 4 hours making the face and hair perfect, and the hands and body attached to it are an afterthought.
I guess I would stress that the entire picture is important. It's not that every tiny part of it has to be rendered perfectly, but it's important not to skimp out on things like hands, or body proportion. All artists get burnt out, or tired of working on the same pic ( Im totally guilty of that too). But at those times, one might consider leaving it for a day and coming back to look at it with fresh eyes.

Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker by K-Koji

 How often do you practice drawing or painting?

I usually am drawing or painting 5 days a week. From 6-8 hours a day. I just joined a weekend traditional Life drawing course as well. I know some artists ( and my animation teachers) claim you have to chain yourself to a desk, drink nothing but toilet water, and eat nothing but gruel and insects as you grind away at drawing 14 hours a day every day or you're not good enough..

:iconragefaceplz::iconsaysplz: "You aren't working hard enough, maggot"

..... but I find if I do that, I burn out. And when I burn out, my paintings turn to utter crap and I get cranky. I often need to walk my dog and pay attention to my life. That way I really focus on what I'm doing and I don't find it painful.

 Why draw fanart? Did it play any role when you were learning how to draw?

Fanart is probably the reason I'm even painting at all right now. I went through a hard time in my life where I became very tired and jaded by the art world. I found so many people in it kind of bitter and unpleasant. They would tell all the new young artists that they sucked. So I took a break from drawing entirely for a long time. Then one day, I realized something in my life was missing. As flaky as it sounds, art has always been a part of me, and I wasn't going to let some crabby, unkind people take it away. So I made myself a deal: Go at your own pace. Draw whatever you feel like, whatever makes you smile. Try not to tear yourself down. . I have always been my own worst critic and enemy. So For that time, around the time I painted Hotel Reno, I decided to just lay off of myself, give myself a break, and see what happened. I was also very inspired by fanficton writers for the FF7 fandom. I was living in Kyoto ( It's boring) and I'd often read them when I got home at night. I even talk to some of those fanfic writers now on Skype! I think all artists and writers should support each other. And I appreciate them, because I can barely type let alone write a good story lol.
Everyone go pat your favourite fan-fic writer on the head today :iconheartrollplz:

But from there, I started doing everything. And I found more inspiration the more I learned. :icontheplz::iconmoreplz::iconyouplz::iconknowplz:

 Is there any advice you could give to learning artists? Is there any learning materials, artists, books or references you would recommend?

I don't know any off-hand, but just absorb all the anatomy references and tutorials you can. If you're doing a painting, and there's for example, a car in it? Grab photos of a car and really look at how to draw it. Drawing a christmas tree? Look up Photoshop tutorials ( if you use digital) on how to create glowing light effects. All these little things that you do will help you overall. Keep a lot of photos of naked people.
No, not porn, you dirty birds :iconohyouplz:

Posing and anatomy Wink/Razz

Kuroshitsuji: Grell Sutcliff by K-Koji

You can find :iconk-koji:K-Koji at:


Etsy shop…

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